Buang Atitharn (2016) - บ่วงอธิฏฐาน

  • HD
  • 45min


In an ancient city Chanthapura has never appeared in the history of thousands of years suddenly appear historical evidence by Athin - a young archaeologist. Historical evidence is a inscribed inscription reveals a city Chanthapura existed and flourished. But soon that important plate was missing without trace. More than ten years later, the stelae appeared at an exhibition with the name "copy", but it was not. The mysterious story causes Athin's successor Yosita (Pat) to meet Krittathorn (Mark), the owner of the hotel preserving that stela. And he fell in love with the girl as if they had been in a previous life where both of them did not know that there was a spirit inside of the flame of hatred and resentment from the ancient city of Chanthapura clinging to her. Pay off the grudges.

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