10 Youtubers WHO BROKE The YouTube PLAY BUTTON (Diamond, Ruby, Gold, Silver)

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Lets talk YOUTUBE PLAY BUTTONS! From a YouTuber Diamond Play button, To Gold, to Silver, these are Youtubers WHO BROKE The YouTube PLAY BUTTON. Braille Skateboarding, PewDiePie, NickAtNyte, RackaRacka, Hydraulic Press Channel, Markiplier, KSI, What's Inside?, and McJuggerNuggets. Not one Ruby Playbutton was destroyed.

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10) Braille Skateboarding
9) What's Inside?
8) PewDiePie
7) NickAtNyte
6) RackaRacka
5) Hydraulic Press Channel
4) Markiplier
3) KSI
2) What's Inside?
1) McJuggerNuggets

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10 Youtubers WHO BROKE The YouTube PLAY BUTTON