Fargo Season 3

Fargo Season 3 (2015)

Fargo 3 - HD-Subtitle - 9/10 - Crime, Thriller, Romance

Set in 2010, the third installment of Fargo centers on "Emmit" and his slightly younger brother "Ray Stussy" (Ewan McGregor). Emmit, the Parking Lot King of Minnesota, sees himself as an American success story, whereas Ray is more of a cautionary tale. Forever living in his more successful brother's shadow, Ray is a balding ad pot-bellied parole officer with a huge chip...


Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Allison Tolman

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Koneko no Chii: Ponponra Daibouken

Koneko no Chii: Ponponra Daibouken (2016)

Chi's Sweet Adventure - HD-Subtitle - 26/100 - Adventure, Animation

The combined 22nd and 23rd issue of Kodansha's Morning magazine, which will go on sale on April 28, has announced a new 3D CG anime of Kanata Konami's slice-of-life manga Chi's Sweet Home.


Stars: Noriko Hidaka, Satomi Koorogi, Rikiya Koyama

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Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (2015)

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo - HD-Subtitle - 12/12 - Adventure, Animation

When Ryuu Yamada entered high school, he wanted to turn over a new leaf and lead a productive school life. That's why he chose to attend Suzaku High, where no one would know of his violent delinquent reputation. However, much to Ryuu's dismay, he is soon bored; now a second year, Ryuu has reverted to his old ways—lazy with abysmal grades and always getting into fights. One...


Stars: Updating...

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Death Parade

Death Parade (2015)

デス・パレード - HD-Subtitle - 12/12 - Adventure, Animation

After death, there is no heaven or hell, only a bar that stands between reincarnation and oblivion. There the attendant will, one after another, challenge pairs of the recently deceased to a random game in which their fate of either ascending into reincarnation or falling into the void will be wagered. Whether it's bowling, darts, air hockey, or anything in between, each person's true...


Stars: Updating...

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Natsume Yuujinchou Roku

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku (2017)

夏目友人帳 陸 - HD-Subtitle - 11/11 - Adventure, Animation

Season 6 of Natsume Yuujinchou. While most fifteen-year-old boys, in one way or another, harbor secrets that are related to girls, Takashi Natsume has a peculiar and terrifying secret involving youkai: for as long as he can remember, he has been constantly chased by these spirits. Natsume soon discovers that his deceased grandmother Reiko had passed on to him the Yuujinchou, or "Book of...


Stars: Updating...

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Bonjour♪Sweet Love Patisserie

Bonjour♪Sweet Love Patisserie (2014)

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie - HD-Subtitle - 24/24 - Family, Animation

Sayuri Haruno dreams of becoming a pastry chef and enrolls in Fleurir Confectionary Academy, an elite school located in Tokyo's trendy Aoyama district. At Fleurir, she finds herself surrounded by charming boys, each one distinctly unique. Out of the entire class, Ryou Kouzuki's desire to become a pastry chef is the strongest. Blessed with unparalleled technique, instructor Mitsuki Aoi...


Stars: Updating...

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U Prince Series 12: Absolute Economist

U Prince Series 12: Absolute Economist (2016)

U-Prince The Series: The Absolute Economist - HD-Subtitle - 3/4 - Comedy, Thriller, Romance

Teddy, a man who does not want to spend money and lonely. He meets Sophie, who attempts to steal his money. But as time passes, he begins to feel something in his heart... At that time, he realized that money is not important, what matters is love. But despite all the love he feels, they will have to dodge many obstacles to be together.


Stars: Patharamanop Isariy, Jirakul Focus, Thitipoom Techaapaikhun

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Hi, Ruhua

Hi, Ruhua (2017)

囧女翻身之嗨如花 - HD-Subtitle - 29/35 - Comedy, Romance

Hai Thanh University has a great salesman named Lu Huu Hoa, who is talented in finance, can use all kinds of ways to introduce all kinds of products. During a visit to Lu Hsuan Hua with the wealthy dad grew up abroad. Text "do not hit unfamiliar." Documents for the family pushed back to return home, the more for Lu Hsuan people mercenaries, narrow stomach belly, hated hate trading....


Stars: Zhu Xu Dan, Lai Yi, Xu Mify

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Queen For Seven Days

Queen For Seven Days (2017)

7일의 왕비 - HD-Subtitle - 9/20 - Historical, Romance

Based on the tragic Joseon legend, this drama is about the love story between King Jung Jong and his Queen Dan Kyung, who was crowned and deposed within the span of a week due to rival political factions that controlled the king’s rule. According to historical legend, after the queen was dethroned and removed from the palace, the king would walk to the outside royal pavilion every day and sigh...

Director: Lee Jung Sub

Stars: Park Min Young, Yeon Woo Jin, Lee Dong Gun

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Suspicious Partner

Suspicious Partner (2017)

수상한 파트너 - HD-Subtitle - 14/14 - Comedy, Romance

Noh Ji Wook is a prosecutor in the Central District Prosecutors’ Office who ends up switching professions to a private attorney. He harbors a trauma stemming from an event in his childhood involving his parents and his first love. Eun Bong Hee, a Taekwondo athlete in her youth, is a prosecutor trainee who has become a murder suspect. Due to a murderer's amnesia, Eun Bong Hee and Noh Ji Wook...

Director: Park Sun Ho

Stars: Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji Hyun, Choi Tae Joon

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Meun Kon La Faak Fah

Meun Kon La Faak Fah (2017)

Different Like the Sky's Horizon - HD-Subtitle - 6/13 - Thriller, Romance

When Yothaka's mother marries Chatcharun's rich father, Chatcharun is not happy. He believes that her and her mother are both gold diggers. Also, Yothaka has just returned from abroad and has a care-free "western" attitude. She is a rebel at heart, while Chatcharun is conservative. Along with believing she is a gold-digger, he also thinks she is "easy". She...

Director: Man Maytee

Stars: Gregson Andrew, Kongthai Peeranee, Vorarit Not, Jett Sunisa

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Forever Young

Forever Young (2017)

Zhi zi hua kai - HD-Subtitle - 1/22 - Comedy, Thriller, Romance

Xu and Yan Xi are an enviable couple. Xu works hard in hopes of becoming a professional musician. And Yan Xi wants to be a dancer. When their dreams are within reach, they find obstacles putting their relationship to the test.


Stars: Li Yi Feng, Jiang Jin Fu, Zhang Leon

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Homeland Season 6

Homeland Season 6 (2017)

Homeland Season 6 - HD-Subtitle - 12/12 - Crime, Mystery

A troubled CIA operative worries that a rescued marine, a longtime POW, may be an enemy agent with a connection to Al Qaeda and part of a plan to commit a terrorist act on U.S. soil.

Director: Alex Gansa

Stars: Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, Rupert Friend

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Better Call Saul Season 3

Better Call Saul Season 3 ( 2015)

Better Call Saul 3 - HD-Subtitle - 10/10 - Crime, Thriller

The trials and tribulations of criminal lawyer, Jimmy McGill, in the time leading up to establishing his strip-mall law office in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Director: Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould

Stars: Patrick Fabian, Michael McKean, Rhea Seehorn

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Rush To The Dead Summer

Rush To The Dead Summer (2017)

Love 'til the End of Summer - HD-Subtitle - 29/46 - Romance

This is a youthful story which spans the period of ten years and focuses on friendship, alienation, and one ultimate betrayal that breaks the group of close friends, each going their own way and entering society. Despite growing up poor, Li Xia works hard and wins a scholarship into a grand secondary school where she meets the legendary Fu Xiaosi and Lu Zhiang. Love booms in more ways than one,...


Stars: Chen Cheney, Zheng Shuang, Bai Jing Ting

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Princess Agents

Princess Agents (2017)

特工皇妃楚乔传 - HD-Subtitle - 34/68 - Historical, Romance

Adapted from the novel titled 11处特工皇妃 (11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei / Queen of No. 11 Agent) by Xiao Xiang Dong Er 潇湘冬儿, the story revolves around an agent who is killed in action and time-travels into the body of a slave girl during the Xia Dynasty. During the Warring Period, the Western Wei enslaved large numbers of civilians. The slave girl, Chu Qiao ( Zhao Li Ying), was thrown into the forest...


Stars: Zhao Zanilia, Lin Geng Xin, Dou Shawn, Li Qin

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Buang Atitharn

Buang Atitharn (2016)

บ่วงอธิฏฐาน - HD-Subtitle - 8/40 - Mystery, Romance

In an ancient city Chanthapura has never appeared in the history of thousands of years suddenly appear historical evidence by Athin - a young archaeologist. Historical evidence is a inscribed inscription reveals a city Chanthapura existed and flourished. But soon that important plate was missing without trace. More than ten years later, the stelae appeared at an exhibition with the name...


Stars: Updating...

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So Sanaeha

So Sanaeha (2017)

โซ่เสน่หา - HD-Subtitle - 14/30 - Thriller, Romance

Pum, who just graduated, returns home to find her mother leaving to go out with a younger man while her father is ill upstairs. As they were arguing, her father tried to come downstairs, but along the way, he fell died. Pum is furious at her mother. Ramet, whose mother is handicapped, does everything for his mother, but she has a very cruel heart. Ramet’s mother wants a grandchild, so she puts...


Stars: Updating...

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Undercover (2017)

卧底归来 - HD-Subtitle - 43/43 - Action, Crime, Thriller

Police officer Bao Yu is working undercover as drug dealer Jin Fei's subordinate and is eventually able to work directly under powerful drug lord Tian Jing after befriending his daughter, Tang Guo. However, Bao Yu is not fighting the drug cartel alone - he also has a support network including fellow undercover colleague and romantic interest Guan Xiao Zhi, police chief Fang Qing Long and...


Stars: Zhang Jia Yi, Lin Shen, Liu Yi Jun, Li Qin

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Yuu Gi Ou!, Yugioh

Yuu Gi Ou!, Yugioh (2017)

遊戯王VRAINS - HD-Subtitle - 7/70 - Adventure, Animation

The theme for the new work is "Let's take one step forward and try it!" Yuusaku hates standing out, and at his school he doesn't. However, Yuusaku starts meeting others through duels, and starts moving forward.


Stars: Ishige Shouya, Nakashima Yuki, Takeuchi Shunsuke

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